Retired to Co. Louth

Retired to Co. Louth

Maria & Chris retired to the North East

After several decades living in the Middle East, Maria & Chris made the decision to retire to Ireland in 2010, having never lived here before. “Our children are dotted all around the world, so we had a difficult decision to make”, explained Maria. “Our son moved here a few years before us, and his set-up appealed to us – close to the city but also in the countryside.”

Space & Affordability 

The couple found a house outside Dundalk that suited them – they wanted enough space to be able to accommodate the children and grandchildren when they come to visit, and that was another factor that swayed them to Dundalk – they were able to get more for their budget here than in Dublin.

Maria commented: “I’ve always lived in cities. I was apprehensive at first, but now I have a lovely local network. I’m in the local church choir, Chris goes to the men’s shed, and some of our grandchildren are living nearby, so it’s the best solution all round. And if I want a trip to the city, I just hop on the train.”

Strong community 

Chris, who is originally from the north of England, loves gardening and painting. He is a member of Dundalk’s Men’s Shed – a community group that gives retired men a support network. He goes to the Shed a few times a week where he paints, learns new skills, and socializes with others. He’s part of the Men’s Shed Choir, which has a busy calendar performing at events and is about to record an album of songs written by fellow Shed members. “There’s a very strong sense of community here that I enjoy and rely upon. It’s also brought me back to painting, which I hadn’t done in 30 years.” 

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