The People of the Northeast

Here in the Northeast we are known as Dundalk FC fanatics who enjoy the foodie delights of the region with our award-winning restaurants like The Square and our world-famous Carlingford Oysters. On the weekends we love to soak up the atmosphere at our top-class pubs like Brubakers and world-class music venues like The Spirit Store located on Dundalk Quay, or head for the hills by taking a hike up the Carlingford and Cooley Mountains.

The stats:
The Northeast has a thriving young population – the majority of people living here are between 0 and 49 years of age. The 2016 census revealed that 15.49% of County Louth’s population is aged between 0 -19, 15.13% are aged between 30 and 39 and 14.92% are aged between 40 and 49. The Northeast is also known as a diverse region. Some 2,001 people from the UK, 4,137 people from Poland and Lithuania, 3,798 people from other European countries and some 3,084 residents from other unlisted countries call the area their home, according to the 2016 census.



Take a stroll through any town in the north east, and you’ll see how international and diverse this region is. From Europeans working in Paypal and enjoying the café culture in Dundalk’s town square to Dundalk athlete Gina Apke Moses flying the flag for Nigerian-Irish sports stars around the world, the north east is home to people from all around the world. 

The north east is a real coming together of culture, taste and backgrounds. For a small county, we are bursting with international, multi-cultural communities. The varied clubs, community groups, international retail and food outlets, as well as sports interests all point to how open the north east is to people from all over the world. 

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